A new Resident Evil 5 trailer, a new controversy


Post-colonial theorists go nuts! Capcom has dug themselves into an even deeper hole with the new Resident Evil 5 trailer. Now we have the white-cop-killing-African-villagers imagery along with some good old-fashioned verbal devaluing of a people and their culture. Allow me to quote Chris Redfield, who solemnly builds a bridge back to nineteenth century race relations:

I knew it from the moment I arrived. There’s no reason here, no humanity. Everywhere I look I find vacant stares. All I see is death.

Hey, that sounds familiar. Ever read Heart of Darkness? Well unless Capcom is remaking Heart of Darkness with zombies (which would be awesome!), I can’t help but take this as pretty offensive. That said, the trailer isn’t the game—sure the trailer might be in poor taste, but maybe the actual game will treat the subject with a little more intelligence. We’ll at least have more of a context to understand Chris Redfield’s comments. What do others think?


~ by Ian D. on May 31, 2008.

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