Paste reviews “The Fall”

Paste Magazine’s latest issue ran a review of Tarsem’s The Fall that claims the movie did exactly what I feared it would. Although “He [Tarsem] revels in the sort of unabashed visual splendor that really only thrived on old-time Hollywood backlots,” he also “devotes far more energy to settings and costumes than his putative subject (storytelling). It’s a draggy pastiche of Alejandro Jodoworsky’s Holy Mountain and One Thousand and One Nights.


Harsh words, but not surprising. The film still looks so stunning that I want to see it, even if it doesn’t reach the bar set by the fantastic writing in Pan’s Labyrinth.


~ by Ian D. on April 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “Paste reviews “The Fall””

  1. Too many updates for me to comment on! You’re obsessed…but I’m with you on The Fall. We totally have to find a way to see it; hopefully it will come to Bellingham! Oh, and the first 20 minutes of Juno were overly self-conscious, trying-too-hard-to-be-cool, absolute crap and now it’s been so over-hyped that it can be tough to get past that. However, Diablo Cody is pretty bad ass and hilarious (you should check out her column on, not to mention making a sweet horror movie for her next film – so I’ll cut her some slack.

  2. I’m disappointed with the harsh Paste review, although it was always a risk. Like you, still can’t wait to see this though. Watched all the little clips on yahoo just last night and really liked them, all the little moments between Lee Pace’s character and the little girl.

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